Muse Concerts

So I recently finally got my invite into the Dropbox beta, and I used the space to upload Muse concerts. Just for you. Just right-click on the gold titles and save as.

Hullabaloo (click on this to download)

1. What’s He Building? (Intro)
2. Dead Star
3. Micro Cuts
4. Citizen Erased
5. Sunburn
6. Showbiz
7. Megalomania
8. Uno
9. Screenager
10. Feeling Good
11. Space Dementia
12. In Your World
13. Muscle Museum
14. Cave
15. New Born
16. Hyper Music
17. Agitated
18. Unintended
19. Plug In Baby
20. Bliss

Glastonbury 2004 (click on this to download)

1. Hysteria
2. New Born
3. Sing for Absolution
4. Muscle Museum
5. Citizen Erased
6. Apocalypse Please
7. Ruled By Secrecy
8. Sunburn
9. Butterflies & Hurricanes
10. Bliss
11. Heartbreaker riff
12. Time is Running Out
13. Plug In Baby
14. Blackout
15. Stockholm Syndrome

Reading 2006 (click on this to download)

1. Knights of Cydonia
2. Hysteria
3. Supermassive Black Hole
4. Showbiz
5. Map of the Problematique
6. Forced In
7. Bliss
8. Butterflies and Hurricanes – this is where the names in the video fall one song behind
9. Feeling Good
10. Invincible
11. Starlight
12. Plug In Baby
13. New Born

I’d burn and upload HAARP as well, but I’m already over my Dropbox limit. (I wonder if you’ll even be able to download these concerts…)


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  1. Thank you very much 🙂

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