The Most Insane Tennis Point Ever

That’s clay court shit right there. Two crazy Spaniards running and spinning around, blasting the ball at every corner of the court, ending with Rafael Nadal winning. Fernando Verdasco, as relentless as he was the entire match, as brutal as his forehand blasts were, Nadal was his usual unbreakable (not in a service game kind of way) self.

I woke up this morning around 6:00 AM, and the semifinal match in which this absurd point took place had been going on for over two hours already. When I arrived at work at 9:00 AM, the match was still going. Luckily for my productivity, only a few minutes later, Verdasco double-faulted in the 10th game of the 5th set to end the match. That was after 5 hours of some of the most high-octane tennis ever played. It was more anti-climactic than the ending to No Country for Old Men.

Roger Federer ate dinner and no doubt slept while the match was going on, comfortable knowing that whoever he faced would have one less day of rest. If there’s anyone that can come back from such an epic match in less than two days, it’s Nadal. But I doubt it.


~ by CajoleJuice on January 31, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Most Insane Tennis Point Ever”

  1. The Rafa – Verdasco Semi Final was absolutely awesome!! Definitely the best game I’ve seen since last year’s Wimbledon Final (pure tennis this match wins but the sheer fact it was a Wimbledon final put it over the line for me). 5 1/4 hours of insanely good tennis. I was glued to the TV and hardly even realised the time. Some of the shots that both players made were awe inspiring and simply remarkable. I am so, so looking forward to the Wimbledon Final rematch between Federer & Nadal. My money’s on Federer but I’m hoping and wishing for a close 5 setter like the Verdasco match, that would be the icing on the cake of a great tournament.

  2. calls forth memories of my salad days playing virtua tennis on my dreamcast, post-high school football games, eating a dozen glazed donuts with my friends and staying up until 3am.

    ah, to be young, my friend.

  3. Can’t say watching one point of a tennis match brings back that many memories, but Virtua Tennis was indeed amazing.

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