REAL TALK – 12/20/08

– Another reason GTA4 sucks: I’ve been playing the fourth installment in a different series — Project Gotham Racing 4 — and its soundtrack is vastly superior to the one featured in GTA4, a game which has always prided itself on terrific music. So glad I finally sold it so it no longer could contaminate my collection.

– Best part about driving in the snow is creating your own lanes since you can’t see any. “Oh, that was the shoulder? I thought it was the lane everyone was afraid of driving in!”

– Anecdotal evidence from my office Yankee Swap/White Elephant: White people like the book “Stuff White People Like”. This is very unexpected.

Speed Racer is a more entertaining movie than The Dark Knight, at least in the sense that you can’t help having a smile on your face the entire time. If you can’t enjoy it, you have no soul. Or you suffer from epilepsy.

– I missed my chance to take my e-stalking to its logical conclusion and meet Veronica Belmont at the Engadget Reader Meetup in NYC last night. Probably for the best, as I would have pulled a Borat and attempted to kidnap her in a burlap sack.

– It’s nice to see New York be the only city take part in this year’s baseball offseason. Oh wait, I forgot the Phillies signed Raul Ibanez. Quality pickup there.

Courtesy of the NeoGAF MLB Offseason Thread

Courtesy of the NeoGAF MLB Offseason Thread

The Bill James’ Historical Baseball Abstract should be every baseball lover’s Bible. Only this book is based on historical and statistical evidence.

– I would go into work an hour early every day if a few of us set up a game of Axis & Allies. No I wouldn’t.

– Jimmy Smits : Dexter :: Forest Whittaker : The Shield. If you don’t understand the analogy, you need to watch both shows ASAP. Your obsolete SAT test section score depends on it.

– Why are Citi Field’s seats dark green? Why is pretty much the entire stadium green? Are the Mets planning a uniform style change?

– Amazon Marketplace is vastly superior to eBay if you have stuff you just want to get rid of as painlessly as possible, i.e. GTA4.


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