Yes, Another One of Those Election Quizzes

I haven’t posted any of these yet, but I’m sure you’ve taken a few. This one seems to be a bit more professional than others I’ve seen. Maybe because it’s made by a nonprofit, nonpartisan legitimate organization. It’s also pretty simple and quick. If I — a person who can’t be bothered to watch more than a minute of these presidential debates — made it through the quiz, anyone can.

My results:

Barack Obama: 79%
Cynthia McKinney (who?): 78%
Ralph Nader: 73%
John McCain: 49%
Bob Barr (lol): 35%

Who’d it tell you to vote for?


~ by CajoleJuice on October 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Yes, Another One of Those Election Quizzes”

  1. It told me to vote for Nader. (I’m an Obama supporter).

    These sort of tests always show me that my beliefs are more liberal than I think they are…

  2. I get a different answer for pretty much every quiz I take.

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