Playoff Baseball Is Awesome

Unfortunately, the Phillies won — but who didn’t think they would win the opening game with Hamels starting? If the Brewers lose tomorrow with C.C. starting, I’m fucked. But the Cubs lost in embarrassing fashion, so that was fun. It looked good until about halfway through the game, when Ryan Dempster decided to load the bases on walks so he could give up a grand slam. That was enough to silence the Wrigley crowd for the rest of the game. Not that the Cubs ever showed any life either.

Meanwhile, in the league that actually matters — the AL — Jason Bay did his best Manny Ramirez impression by hitting a two-run bomb that was enough for the Red Sox to win. Jacoby Ellsbury pitched in with an insurance RBI and run in the 9th. He also made an awesome catch in the 8th. The Angels, on the other hand, played like morons. As shown by a play in the outfield where an angel DEFINITELY wasn’t helping, and Vlad Guerrero running around the bases like a slow 6-year-old.

And I really thought I would get a good amount of studying in tonight…


~ by CajoleJuice on October 2, 2008.

One Response to “Playoff Baseball Is Awesome”

  1. […] like a never-ending GIF-worthy parade from this Angels team. Combined with the GIFs displayed here and here, you have a trilogy of hilarity. F-Kraud being exposed on national television was icing on […]

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