I want to drill a hole in my head. I’m typing this in Dark Room (a glorified, black screen version of Notepad) since I’m not connected to the internet right now. Wait, maybe I am. But a minute ago I wasn’t. And in ten seconds I won’t be. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?

This has been happening since I reinstalled Vista SP1 earlier today. I already tried it once and the same shit was happening. Why’d I even bother trying again? Did I think it would magically work? Nothing ever fucking magically works with PCs. I’ve noticed my internet disconnecting randomly even before SP1, but it was nowhere this disgustingly awful. It takes less than 2 minutes for my connection to a massive dump on my face. It had a free pass for a few hours since I wasn’t actually at the laptop. But coming home to a torrent that has barely gone anywhere and an IM cilent signed off every service gave the current state of affairs away.

I’m going back to XP. An upgrade if you ask me. Oh noes, I won’t have DirectX 10. My laptop isn’t powerful enough to truly take advantage of it anyway. If I want to play Dawn of War II and Red Alert 3 at awesome settings, I’m going to have to buy/build a new desktop anyway. Maybe then I’ll convince myself that Vista is worth the torture.



I bet it will take at least three tries for this post to upload to my blog. Every day Bill Gates doesn’t come up with a new version of Windows that actually works — even though he has semi-retired — people will die. I’m a man of my woooord.

P.S. I was going to upload a pic but of course there’s no fucking way that’s going to work.


~ by CajoleJuice on August 6, 2008.

21 Responses to “FUCK VISTA”

  1. I get that too, but only occasioanally- sometimes it’s a nightmare even trying to find the network. Vista’s so full of problems and issues though it’s unreal, it needs to be finished properly.

  2. “Oh noes, I won’t have DirectX 10” ….my son is gay


  4. Yeah, Vista is total shit. After suffering with it for the last 18 months, I did a real upgrade by buying a Mac with OS X. And suddenly, life is good again.

  5. 18 months…I’m so sorry. I’m thinking of possibly trying to convince Dell to give me 64-bit for free somehow. I hear that’s actually a bit better if you have the system to handle it.

  6. cajolejuice just made me laugh my fucking ass off.

  7. Wow, get a new hobby

  8. ok i want to change a .jpg file to a .wad something so FUCING SIMPLE with xp, and it manages to fuck it up. ok for starters i DONT have a view all files when i go to rename it, its what i use to do… just view all files with the pic i had open and then save as and it was good… not now… so i go to rename and do a .wad but now its fucking .wad.jpg what the fuck is that shit? ok so still a little pissed and then i go to properties and i try to change it well i wont let me do a .wad in there still .wad.jpg and then when i go to open with a .wad file it gives me nothing. just fucking nothing. so i end up in a dead end. so for a little while vista was bearable but now has went to the extreme of pissing me off with the LAC of ANY ability to be used on a somewhat “tech savvy” level…

  9. I spent 8 hours looking for a laptop locally that didnt have vista on it. 4 stores later and I ended up buying a Toshiba satellite with 3 gb ram and 260gb hd and….. Fuckin Vista! I figured that with 3gb it would be decent (read bearable). Well you know what they say

    A fool and his gold are soon parted.

    This fuckin thing is one of the worst decisions Ive ever made.
    I no longer think of mac users as dirty hippies…

  10. …and these comments are why Microsoft is trying to get Windows 7 out as quickly as possible. What a shitshow.

    Royale, I had basically the same experience as you. Started off OK, only got MORE AND MORE annoyed as I used it more.

  11. My 1.5 year old laptop video crapped out a montha go and the only supplier I could find that offered XP was Dell in the form of Vista downgraded to XP… FOR EXTRA $$.. in light of the fact that I have necesary corporate software that does ot run on vista, I bought the Dell ‘downgraded XP’ WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT! I’m convinced it’s really VISTA in an XP coat of paint.. I’m looking for a firehose to try and wash the paint off to really prove this piece of shit IS VISTA. It sure isn’t XP. Nothing in MS Office worked. WORD, EXCEL, PPOINT, OUTLOOK.. anything, and even the fucking browser goes back 2 screens when the back buton is pressed WHAT A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT – I’d LIKE TO START A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST THIS BULLSHIT CONSPIRACY.

  12. FUK Vista
    i want a SIMPLE FILE SHARING , i don’t need to go through 3000 steps so i can access my PC from my Laptop , i don’t need to create a user and a pass just so i can remote login , FUK Vista and WINDOWS

  13. VISTA is the worst piece of shit OS ever EVER EVER fucking designed. I am so thoroughly sick of being ass-raped by microsoft I just swore off PCs forever. Forever. My blood pressure has been raised for the last time.

    My favorite moment I am looking forward to?? Getting my new Mac and taking my PC to the garage where I will sledge-hammer it to pieces. I know it sounds childish/immature, but it will bring me joy and after having spent I don’t know HOW MANY FRICKIN hours fixing VISTA on a mintue by minute basis, It will just feel good and I like feeling good. I tried to embrace my PC, I even just bought a new one about 6 months ago (the same one I’m about to sledge-hammer). Horrible mistake. It’s taken days/moths off my life working with it.

    I look forward to the halcyon days of working on my Mac.

    A word of advice to anyone: Buy Apple.

  14. fuck server 2008
    fuck them mother fucker devloper!!!
    fuck u !!

    fuck all!!
    son of bitch!!

    do not buy this shitware!!!
    use server2003 or fuckone else

  15. Fuck that fucking vista, fuck microsoft, fuck them al!!!

  16. It appears some of you are less than happy with Vista, most manufacturers now offer XP as a “sidegrade?” alternative on new hardware. I’m old enough to remebr MS Dos 4.0 which was the same story, then along came Mickeysoft with Dos 5.0 solving everyones problems, it was still shite but it was better shite. I guess system 7 (sound like a mac op) will be the answer to Vista problems. The Beta version works great on an old P3 with 256mb I had knocking about.

  17. I don’t understand the whole hate and anger thing. hmm maybe it is because you have been sucked in again. Yes Microsoft banks on your habit’s, If you cant use a linux distro then buy a mac….
    Otherwise good luck with windows 7. But i am sure that you will not be forced to upgrade by Microsoft….. The dissapointment will never end ppl

  18. YOuR FuCkinG internet connektion is not FuCkiNg vista.

  19. I say AIDS to Bill Gates

  20. Vista fucked me and didn’t even kiss me.

  21. Fuck you very much Vista programmers!

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