The End of Gaming

Pretty much the most horrifying GIF I have ever seen.

In case you think this is some spliced together gif, here is the video. I wouldn’t recommend clicking on that link, unless you want to blow your brains out. Especially since it starts with something about Sex and the City. I’m pretty sure the video is worse than 2girls1cup.


~ by CajoleJuice on May 26, 2008.

11 Responses to “The End of Gaming”

  1. Oh god, it’s horrible. Mum actually wants a Wii fit for my console. Not Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, Metroid, something more with relevance, nah, the gimmicky-fad that’ll cost her just short of a £100.

    Just wait- Nintendo’s next console won’t actually be a console.

  2. without watching the video, I assume this is from “I like to give shit away” Oprah?

  3. Oh nope, it’s Ellen. I thought I put that in the post, but I guess I forgot.

    Richard, I’d say Nintendo has already distanced themselves from the hardcore gaming market GREATLY. They only release enough games to keep the gamer barely satisfied now. And the third-party support is almost completely worthless. It’s even worse than the N64 days — at least they had Rare back then.

  4. Nintendo is going for a different market these days, obviously. My 4 yr old loves the sports and Mario Cart games. They are aiming at the younger kids, and now going for the older group of people who have no knowledge of PC gaming but think the Wii is “cool”. It may be risky, but I think the Wii will be around for a while and survive using this model. They have no need to satisfy the teenager who would rather have a PS3 or XBox or the hardcore PC gamer.

  5. Wii > Xbox 360 > PS3

    The games are more fun and interactive

  6. Dudley: it was risky, but it paid off big time, obviously.

    Ellen: “Temple of the Doom”

  7. Wow, you are pulling Ellen herself to your blog. Classic!

  8. Joel why would you delete posts from your own mother? Your own mother? I’ll get your friends some drinks. You don’t want me to know about your cyber world? Jooooelll? Thee drinks!

  9. Joel how do I get your cyber friends drinkss????????



  11. Joel you have disowned your own mother!!!! Emma will never fogive!!!!

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