Iron Man

[I’d use that awesome Tony Stark pic here, but I already used it!]

I think everyone realizes at this point that comic book film adaptations aren’t going anywhere. Sure, many of them have been embarrassing disasters, but if ones like this keep being made, I’m all for it. Iron Man stands with Spider-Man 2, Batman Begins, and Sin City as one of the best comic book superhero movies of recent times. Maybe it’s not quite as good a film as them, but damn if it wasn’t just as entertaining. You know what — nevermind — it’s easily just as good as S-M2. I’ve never been the biggest fan of that series anyway.

I’m a pretty big Christian Bale fan, but Robert Downey Jr. fits his role as Tony Stark just as well as Bale fits Bruce Wayne. And RDJ doesn’t have an awkward, overcompensating Batman voice to offset his awesomeness. RDJ is still the same snarky, cocky Tony Stark inside his suit. A suit that is totally fucking badass, by the way. I’ve never been a comic guy, so I’ve never thought hard about comparing the vast number of superheroes, but after seeing Iron Man, I’m pretty sure Tony Stark is the one I’d want to be.

Let’s see (I’m going by the movies here):

– Peter Parker is a awkward nerd who battles with inner demons by becoming an whining emo bitch. And Mary Jane is not hot.

– Bruce Banner is fairly emo, too. And boring. I’d WANT to be angry all the time and just destroy everything in my path. But no, Ang Lee had to get all emotional, obviously.

– The Punisher is badass, but his entire family was killed, which isn’t cool at all.

– Superman is pretty much the most boring guy ever. Plus, I’d die in some horrific way as if I were “cursed.”

– Sin City is just too depressing of a place to live.

– Fantastic Four? No comment.

– Ghost Rider? OK, I’m done with the mediocre to shitty comic book movies.

– Bruce Wayne is the closest one, but even he had to deal with seeing his parents being killed right in front of him. So he has an excuse to be brooding. And the batsuit and matching toys, while cool, don’t hold a candle to the Iron Man suit.

– Tony Stark is a fucking genius, who also happens to be an asshole and alcoholic who treats women like objects. Did I mention the suit is awesome?

Go check out the film. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s as good a summer blockbuster that has come along since, well, the last Batman movie.


~ by CajoleJuice on May 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Iron Man

  1. i sure hope their is a sex scene with gwenthy in the next

  2. This, as well as The Dark Knight, are on my list of must see movies this summer.

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