Jimmy Fallon to Take Over for Conan on “Late Night”

One more reason to go to bed earlier: not having to see this face.

I read some news the other day that Craig Ferguson was beating Conan in the ratings. Apparently, NBC is fighting back by trying to out-suck CBS.

I shouldn’t be ripping on Ferguson — I’ve never even watched his show. I’m just lashing out at this horrific decision. It’s not like I watch Conan religiously (or really at all anymore), but when I’m up late and just want to plop down and watch TV, I know I’m not going to turn to NBC anymore. I don’t think anyone will, considering most teenage girls probably don’t stay up long enough to watch “Late Night” anyway. And anyone who turns to the channel will no doubt change the channel the minute he pulls out his guitar and tries to be Adam Sandler, but fails miserably.

I hear that Dane Cook was the other guy being considered. He may get a lot of hate, but he fits almost the exact same demographic and is better than JIMMY FALLON. Actually, exact same demographic isn’t even fair to Dane Cook. I’ve laughed at Dane Cook before. Who the hell is running NBC? No wonder Conan always makes fun of his own network. At least it’s got 30 Rock. Which is now officially better than The Office, by the way. Post incoming.


~ by CajoleJuice on April 24, 2008.

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