So I Gave Up That Game Music Muxtape Idea

Well, maybe I’ll register a separate muxtape for game music. I just couldn’t resist making a muxtape of rock songs. I tried to mix it up as well as I could within the genre. Lesser-known songs from popular bands, live performances, and songs from obscure indie bands. Songs bordering on metal, space rock, and acoustic guitar-driven love songs.

Muse – New Born (live)
Dredg – Hungover on a Tuesday
The National – Mr. November
Soundgarden – Slaves and Bulldozers
Junius – From the Isle of the Blessed
My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday (live)
Yeasayer – Sunrise
Arcade Fire – (Antichrist Television Blues)
Neutral Milk Hotel – Two-Headed Boy
King Crimson – Epitaph
Nirvana – Scentless Apprentice (live)
Radiohead – True Love Waits (live)

More softer songs than I expected. I think I’ll keep updating and rotating songs out. Favorite that shit, people.


~ by CajoleJuice on April 15, 2008.

One Response to “So I Gave Up That Game Music Muxtape Idea”

  1. nice man i’ll listen at work while writing quarterly reports

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