Terminator 4 – May 22, 2009

Christian Bale playing John Connor is enough to get me hyped up for Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. Does anyone get more badass roles?  Patrick Bateman, Grammaton Cleric John Preston, Batman…and now the savior of the human race.

I can see it. Bale just needs some deep, war-ravaged scars.

As for predicting the quality of the film, I can’t say I trust a guy who calls himself “McG.” Not to mention that his most well-known directorial work was done in Charlie’s Angels. On the other hand, I enjoyed T3 thoroughly, unlike many people who detested it and felt it shit on the previous two films in the series. I can easily see where they’re coming from, as T3 isn’t going to be look at as a classic for years to come like its predecessors. Yet I can’t help but laugh at people saying it fucked up the timeline, as time travel doesn’t make sense anyway! T3 delivered awesome action, and that’s all I wanted.

And to make a point, there’s also people that were disappointed by T2 for completely flipping the point of the original on its head and giving a lighter tone to the possibility of Judgment Day. Just like Alien before it, The Terminator was a masterfully constructed dark thriller, with a lighter action-fest for a sequel. T3 just rehashed T2 a bit too much at parts, turned the cheese factor up a notch, and once again turned the entire mythology on its head, but in a good way. I’m convinced people went in with their hate-blinders on, considering James Cameron wasn’t involved.

It’s just going to be strange to have a Terminator movie without Arnold. I’m hoping Christian Bale can make up for that, but I hear John Connor isn’t going to be the main character in T4. But they have a whole new trilogy to flesh out the story of humanity’s savior. This is the story that we’ve been waiting for.


~ by CajoleJuice on March 1, 2008.

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