The Best Song on In Rainbows

Radiohead – Reckoner

Unfortunately, not only is the video quality awful on YouTube — so is the audio quality. I wish I knew a place to host MP3s. Too bad that WordPress doesn’t have support. Even with this shit quality, the song is still amazing. Yorke’s voice hasn’t had the chance to shine much over the course of the past few Radiohead albums, but it is truly showcased in this track. The percussion is really catchy as well. And of course, each guitar string sounds perfectly plucked. The song is probably my favorite from Radiohead since “The National Anthem” and one of the best songs of the year.


~ by CajoleJuice on October 15, 2007.

25 Responses to “The Best Song on In Rainbows

  1. Jigsaw falling into place

  2. That’s an absolutely great track as well. I was thinking of just making a post for each of my favorites, but I’m lazy.

  3. Wow…just Web surfacing tonight. Did a Google search for “best song on in rainbows” and voila. My EXACT sentiment…Reckoner is AMAZING!!!

    My second fav is probably Weird Fishes/Arpeggi OR All I Need OR Videotape…I can’t make up my mind, but that obviously rounds out my top 4 on this album.

  4. Funny I was doing the same search as well exactly “best song on in rainbows” and I agree, Reckoner is by far the best track…which is good and bad, mainly because I didn’t think the other track were really that good…

  5. Haha. Exact same search.

    Jigsaw Falling Into Place for me.

  6. exact same search for me as well and agreed!

  7. Haha, searched Google for “Best song on In Rainbows” too…

    At first listen, I liked Bodysnatchers. A few weeks later, Reckoner grew on me. Now, after listening to the album dozens of times now, I’m prepared to say All I Need is the superior track, the rising instrumentation of the last minute of the track reminds me of Pink Floyd’s Us and Them, one of my all-time favorite songs.

  8. I also searched for the same thing:)) I’m glad I have found this page. Amazing song!

  9. wow…am i the only one digging house of cards? guess i need to listen to this album more

  10. to further help RECKONER it is on the CHOKE soundtrack, saw the movie last night – the movie based on the Chuck Palahniuk book

  11. House of Cards is kinda weak, I thought.

    And I’m curious about that movie. Sam Rockwell is awesome.

  12. hahahha me to, i search best song in rainbows on google x)
    All I Need is for me the best song, i love it.

  13. so before this becomes a cliche if it already hasnt, i happen to also have searched on google in rainbows best song and here i am thinking how weird it is dat pretty much everyone has done as well.. this cd i think is not the best radiohead cd, it is very deep and talented but not the best, ill go with ok computer, and my favorite radiohead song of all time is the tourist.. from in rainbows i have to say house of cards… =)

  14. house of cards is a snore mostly, its all about the first four tracks and videotape. period.

  15. oh + jigsaw falling into place and all i need… hmm so only reckoner, faust arp and house of cards are snores…

  16. I think ‘nude’ is the best song on in rainbows…however this one is still quite brilliant

  17. I dont think its possible to pick a “best song” from In Rainbows. Every track is utterly amazing. Every time I think I have a favorite I listen again and realize they are all equally amazing and different. Thats the brilliance of Radiohead.

  18. I can understand the sentiment, B.W., as Jigsaw was my favorite on this album for a while. But there are definitely Radiohead songs that I enjoy more than others, especially on In Rainbows.

    It’s pretty awesome how Google has decided to make this blog post fact, though.

  19. I personally don’t see how “Weird Fishes” could even be considered for best song. I could narrow it down between Nude, Jigsaw, and Up on the Ladder which is probably the best.

  20. I’ve got to say that I think bodysnatchers is the best on the album. This song shows how mind blowing three guys with guitars can be. The way the parts come together is incredible. Second is all i need – it starts off slow then builds to orgasm in classic radiohead fashion. Third is weird Fishes – This song had the most beautiful chord changes I’ve heard since Let Down. Not a bad track on the album I think

  21. I stumbled upon this to see what people thought too… reckoner was my favorite for a long time… i also really like videotape, nude, and 15 step… after those 4 comes bodysnatchers, and then theres a considerable dropoff (granted I’ve only heard the other 5 songs like 2 times each, but they dont seem like anything special IMO)

  22. Reckoner, for sure…close second though is weird fishes…both songs have it all, BEAUTiful guitar, SICK drums and a structure to suck you in, twist you around and smooth you back into reality on ending

  23. 15 step
    or Jigsaw

  24. Exactly what Connor said

  25. Many thanks for the info we were looking for this while we were scanning the web and even your site showed up– Many thanks

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