The Ballad of Night Man and Day Man

The following is from the latest episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It is one of the greatest things to ever air on television.

The Ballad of Night Man and Day Man


Night man,
Sneaky and mean
Spider inside my dreams
I think I love you
You make me wanna cry, you make me wanna die
I love you, I love you , I love you , I love you, I love you.
Night Man
Every night you come into my room and pin me down with your strong arms
You pin me down down and I try to fight you
you come inside me and fill me up…

Just two men sharing the night
It might seem wrong but it’s just right
It’s just two men sharing each other
It’s just two men like loving brothers
One on top, and one on bottom
One inside, and one is out
One is screaming he’s so happy
The other’s screaming a passionate shout
It’s the Night Man
The feeling so wrong it’s right man
the feeling so wrong…
I can’t fight you man when you come inside me and pin me down your strong hands and I’ll become the Night….the passionate, passionate Night Man.

They took you Night Man
and you don’t belong to them
They left me in a world of darkness
without your sexy hands
and I miss you Night Man
so bad.

Day Man
Fighter of the Night Man
Champion of the Sun
Master of Karate
and friendship for everyone.


~ by CajoleJuice on October 13, 2007.

8 Responses to “The Ballad of Night Man and Day Man”

  1. Oh god, when I saw this live and he said “you come inside me / and fill me up now”… I just died. It takes some powerful music to tear me away from In Rainbows…and this is it.

  2. Yea, this song is really stuck in my head.

    I personally lost it when Mac just says, “But it sounds like a song where a man breaks into your house and rapes you.”

  3. great job man
    I think i wanna do a cover of the nightman/dayman saga, but i couldn’t do it without the lyrics. I had a hard time figuring them out. It’s just too funny.
    wait till you see it as a hit single.

  4. I love the pictorial representations of the lyrics that Charlie draws.

  5. […] Night Man (I’ve already made a blog post dedicated to this) […]

  6. This show is the best thing on T.V. hands down.

  7. suck me off now!”!

  8. most random comment ever

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