Radiohead is Badass

The entire music industry just got tossed on its head. Choosing to forego label negotiations and headaches, the band from Oxford have dropped a bomb out of fucking NOWHERE. In 9 days, their newest album, In Rainbows, will be available for download. For free. They are leaking their own album. If that is not awesome, I should just stop living, as nothing will ever be awesome.

Here is the site for In Rainbows.

When you pre-order the digital copy, you pick the amount of money you pay. I almost feel a moral obligation to throw a few bucks their way for doing something so ballsy. First, they blow off iTunes; now, they do this. I wish I could be as cool as them. They basically just took a shit on Steve Jobs and his black turtleneck.

For those of you who need physical copies of stuff, they’re releasing a massive discbox that comes with two CDs and LPs – the album of 10 songs and an extra 8 songs on the second CD/LP, along with some photos, artwork, complete with pretty packaging. It doesn’t get sent out until December, you also get a digital copy with the purchase. Unfortunately, it’s 40 pounds, which translates to $81. Poor diehard Radiohead fans. For those of you that just want a physical copy of the CD, it will be released early next year. May I suggest downloading the album for free while you wait?


~ by CajoleJuice on October 1, 2007.

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