So The NFL Season Started…

…and my TV was on loan to my parents’ living room, and for some inexplicable reason, NBC wasn’t working. No football for me. Actually, I probably would’ve just played my 360 anyway. I need to hook it up tomorrow so I can level up in the Call of Duty 4 BETA, since Infinity Ward just raised the limit up another four levels. I need me an Uzi.

I’m just not ready for the football season. I’ve been slacking off on my baseball watching (and blogging), and now I’ve got football to keep up with, too? Luckily (or unfortunately), both the Jets and Giants are slated to have godawful seasons, so maybe I’ll declare it a wash right now. I have too many videogames to attend to this fall. Yelling at prepubescent kids who think they’re hot shit at Halo 3 takes precedence over half-paying attention to NFL games. Besides, the last time I checked, the Patriots were disgustingly stacked. I’ll just come out of my 360 zone to watch them win the Super Bowl. And consequently bitch about it. Fuck Tom Brady.

But really, am I un-American for looking forward to the U.S. Open final more than the first Sunday of the 2007 NFL season? Maybe not, but I should probably start questioning my masculinity. Roger Federer is just more awe-inspiring to watch than any other athlete I’ve seen in my lifetime outside of possibly Michael Jordan. Tiger Woods doesn’t win every major; hell, the only major he won this year was the joke one – the PGA Championship. I bet Tiger puts those trophies in the bathroom, so he can piss on them whenever he feels like it. That HGH obviously hasn’t been helping. (Honestly, have you seen Tiger lately? I bet he could tear one of Mickelson’s manboobs right off.) Meanwhile, Federbot has won the past 7 majors not played on the clay of Roland Garros a.k.a. The Temple of Rafael Nadal, and is gliding towards the 8th. So I rather watch him win his 4th straight U.S. Open and 12th Grand Slam overall than watch 1/16th of the NFL season.

(Actually, I’ll just be flipping back and forth)


~ by CajoleJuice on September 8, 2007.

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