60 Years of Arnold

That you are, Arnold. That you are.

Arnold Schwarzeneggar is truly the epitome of the American Dream. Born in Austria right after World War II, he became the greatest body-builder in history, arguably the biggest action-hero star of all-time, and now a governor. Only an amendment to the Constitution stops Demolition Man from becoming prophetic. I know at least I’d vote for him.

But honestly, who else has such an awesome resume? 7-time Mr. Olympia, Commando, The Terminator series, Total Recall, the Governator. He’s also probably banged hundreds of women. Every single actress playing beside him in movies? Railed. Body-builder groupies? Installed. The man gets whatever he sets his eyes on, and no doubt the Presidency is the next (and most likely last) step. It’d sure be a nice change from the Bush-Clinton collective.

Happy 60th birthday Arnold. I’m already making the “Arnold in 2012” bumper stickers.


~ by CajoleJuice on July 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “60 Years of Arnold”

  1. JEssie Ventura

    Special Forces
    Movie Star

    not a bad resume at all

  2. He was the governor of Minnesota. Arnold is the governor of CALIFORNIA. And Ventura obviously didn’t pay enough attention to the roads.

    But I have to admit being in the Special Forces is pretty much the most badass thing ever.

    Schwarzenegger-Ventura 2012

  3. Too bad you have to be born in America to run for president…

  4. read revelation chapter 6, and realize Arnold is the 4th horseman of the Apoclaypse, he will win in 2012….the black horse is Obama who is pushing a new BILL, Global Poverty Act, that will distribute food “scales in his hands”.

    bush=white horse
    Osama=red horse taking peace from the earth
    Obama=black horse “imposes Global Poverty Act to feed the poor”
    Arnold= pale horse “hell follows with him” leading the way in Stem Cell Research.

  5. yes they will change the constitution so Arnold can run!! even Bush said ” dont bet on him not running”.

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