Bear Grylls is a Fake

New York Times article

I’m a bit disappointed, but not all that surprised. Although, Justin was probably more cynical than me when we were first exposed to Man vs. Wild via Bachy’s shed. But while watching it more and more, Justin’s admiration of Bear grew to mancrush proportions. Now his faith in everything has been shaken. It’s like when I found out Catherine Bell was a Scientologist.

Bear is still a world-class badass, but it’s just not cool that Man vs. Wild isn’t quite what it has claimed to be. Survivorman is apparently the only real deal out there. I’ve never watched it, but I know it’s some Canadian dude named Les who basically lies around as much as possible for 7 days – but he doesn’t have a camera crew supporting him. In fact, he carries around his own bunch of cameras, making his job of surviving only tougher.

For anyone doubting the claims that have been made about Bear sleeping in cabins, having his raft built for him, or having trained horses brought to a field, the nail in the coffin is that Discovery Channel will be airing the show’s existing episodes with disclaimers, explaining that Bear is full of shit. Now this doesn’t take away the fact that Bear is the youngest Briton to climb Everest and come back alive, or that he crossed the North Atlantic with only four other guys, but his badass factor definitely went down a few points. I hate reality TV, but fake reality TV is even worse – and that’s pretty godawful.


~ by CajoleJuice on July 26, 2007.

105 Responses to “Bear Grylls is a Fake”


    Bear is a fraud. Check out the bearwiki…

  2. wowowowowowowo yo bear is my fricken hero he IS NOT FAKE he is way more real than any of u who think he is fake no one doubts bear grylls he fricken rules

  3. Bear is sooooo NOT a fake! And don’t you compare him to that canadian fag! Everyone who thinks Bear is fake can kiss my ass

  4. People are so into reality TV crap, that they don’t understand Bear Gryll’s program is meant to teach and not to place this dude into death a death risking scenario, he’s got a family for got sakes. He is only teaching us how to confront and survive any future God for willing life and death experience. that’s the purpose of this program.

  5. Then why couldn’t they just state that in the beginning of the show? They didn’t because they knew the illusion of actual danger is a rating-grabber. Now that people found out the truth, they need to run that disclaimer.

  6. I love Bear Grylls! And it doesnt bother me at all that his camera men occasionally give him a granola bar or help him build a little tent…he’s still a bad-ass

  7. Check out this picture of Bear Grylls…I think that’s about as fucking real as you can get

  8. I said he was still a badass.

    It’s just that he’s also a liar.

  9. Did you not see him EATING a fucking zebra? you guys are fucking ridiculus


  11. Bear Grylls is the coolest dude on television. He is sooo not fake. You just hate the show so you call him fake

  12. I love all you people who love bear!! We should start our own fucking website!

  13. Bear is soooo hot! I mean come on, a guy this hot that has his own show? PRICELESS!!! And everyone calling him fake is either gay, or a really gay straight person.

  14. Why are almost all these comments made by someone with the same email? Obsess much?

  15. he he…yer funny! ya got me!!

  16. Bear Grylls is cool…everyone who doesn’t think so is a weenie

  17. Bear es lo mejor, te aseguro que dices todo esto porke eres un gordo que no tiene otra cosa que hacer que estar criticando todo lo que no puede hacer.

  18. en inglis porfavor

  19. I just bought Bear Grylls’ book…its hella awesome! ya’ll should get it!!!

  20. Bear Motha fuckin Grylls!!! C’mon guys!

  21. Anyone who has the nerve to call Bear Grylls a fake can jump off the highest fricken cliff they can find. Bear Grylls only recieves support when in life threatening situations. It’s required by health and saftey regulations!!! And he tells people on the show that his crew helps him on certain situations. When season three comes out he will go into more depth about this in the new two-hour episodes. Bear Grylls is my fricking HERO!!!

  22. Brooke — Apaprently Bear himself admitted to being a fake, so maybe he can kiss your ass.

    He obviously agreed to making the changes to the original shows, basically saying all the ways he was helped by crew, which contradicts everything he said previously that the crew was only there to film, and that’s it. Bear Grylls… as much as you may hate it, is a fake when it comes to Man vs Wild.

  23. Thank you, sir.

  24. I just want to add something further, in case more people decide to speak up. Bear Gryll has been on interview shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live maintaining the charade that he somehow goes out there and has absolutely no help from the crew, eats nothing that he doesn’t find in the wilderness, and sleeps nowhere else but outside and in the shelters he himself makes. These of course are lies… that he’s claiming OUTSIDE of the show’s environment, trying to maintain the false image that he’s somehow doing all that was claimed in his show. But now we all know he’s lying huh?

  25. The show is about survival tactics. He was showing how to ride a horse bearback. He failed. Any horse that is out in a wild pasture and isnt used to being ridden without a saddle is close to wild. Motel”s” ? Like every time he stays in a motel. Maybe he was sick once and had to get some real shelter. Its abotu tactics first off. Everyone knows the camera crew was there. Someone taught him to make a raft at some point. Its not all improvised. If you think what your watching on TV is not a TV show maybe you should get your head checked. “Full of shit”? He squeezed water out of elephant dung into his mouth!

  26. He also ate steak from an animal skin…

  27. Bears, the fact that he slept in a motel or got help from some other guys with building a raft isn’t the crux of my argument here. It’s the fact that he lied about the show, and apparently continues to lie according to Raziaar.

  28. The guy eats magets out of a dead animals chest cavity. He bites into the belly of a live salmo and drinks his own piss. Whoever the clown is that says he a fake is friggin high. Smoke another one a-hole.

  29. Drinking his own urine was about one of the stupidest pieces of survival advice he could give to people. All survival manuals and experts pretty much say it is a rule that you should NEVER EVER drink your own urine as is. You need to do for example, what Les Stroud has done and make a urine still.

    To the above poster, you think all that stuff makes him the real deal even in the light of all the stuff he’s had help with and done that is contrary to his original mission statement?

    Big whoop… he eats maggots, chews into a live salmon(raw fish is something eaten all over the world). Sounds like your run of the mill Fear Factor contestant to me. Doing disgusting things doesn’t make somebody more legitimate.

  30. Raziaar, F U.

  31. Who the hell is Raziaar? You sound like a fucking idiot get a life douche

  32. Ok…even if your gonna be all retarded and say bear’s a fake…you just can’t deny the fact that he’s just about the hottest thing EVER!!!

  33. Right, right. In the face of adversity, insult your opponent. Works every time!

    You people seem to have issue with the fact that I criticize Bear’s portrayal and actions on Man VS Wild, believing it to be an insult on everything he does.

    Simply not the case people.

  34. I bow to Raziaar for fighting the good fight.

  35. psh! man! raziaar is a flamin fag-ass homo. He got no idea what he’s fuckin talkin bout…Bear’s da shit

  36. C’mon people Man vs. Wild is an entertaining show who cares if Bear’s got a few people watchin his back? Think about your favorite movie just for a sec…they don’t pause it every 2 mins to say: Now, at this part of the movie, it only looks like Mel Gibson died…but he really didn’t…his head didn’t really get chopped off. Oh yah and he didn’t kill 40,000 english people either…cuz that was all fake and you can’t really put that shit on tv. TV shows are meant to entertain you, not to give you something to watch and criticize how unrealistic it is. And to everyone that says that Bear Grylls is a liar…what exactly did he lie about? He NEVER said that he was in any danger of dying, cuz that’s kinda, ya know just a little bit against those safety regulations that he kinda HAS to follow in order to keep his show…so what the hell people? what’s it gonna take to make you all happy huh?

  37. I bow to Tyler for fighting the good fight.

  38. Who caught the new episode of Man vs. Wild tonight??
    It was off the chain!! ya’ll missed OUT!!

  39. Bear Gylls=awesome

  40. i heart bear! he’s the most awesomest dude ever! and his show’s purdy legit!!

  41. Bear is Awesome! He is not a fake! Even if he does sleep in cabins, has his rafts built for him, and has trained horses (which I still dont think is true.) He still teaches you how to survive out in the wild, and what is okay to eat, what is not okay, what to stay away from, what to look for etc…. Bear is Awesome, and very hot!

  42. bear is a fucking fake he jumped into a pool of muther fucking dick sucking quick sand. he got out him self ha ha ah fuck you guys

  43. i meant he isnt a fucking fake so still fuck you guys

  44. What’s your point? Quicksand isn’t deadly. It doesn’t suck you down in it like in Hollywood. You’re incredibly buoyant in quicksand and the real danger comes if you’re stuck there unable to get yourself out for days and die from lack of water/starvation. That’s how animals have died in it, and that’s how humans who have been alone died from it.

    He wasn’t in any sort of danger whatsoever in that quicksand, especially considering he has an army of cameramen and others with him.

  45. Razziaar-
    you apparently know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and you have nothing better to do with your life than bash my boy bear so…maybe you should have your own show…oh yah…FUCK YOU ASSHOLE

  46. That’s because I’m God. And you’re apparently having your period. Want some cranberry juice?

  47. haha…
    how original and has absolutely nothing to do with what we’re argueing about…are you done being ignorant? do i win? its about time you realize that you’re a complete moron

  48. Now that’s a severe case of the pot calling the kettle black if I’ve ever seen one.

    If you look above, I am pretty much one of the only people who provided any logical arguments to support my statements. Everybody else, including you, has simply resorted to baseless insults and blind comments like, “Bear Rules, fuck you!”.

    Just look at yourself, at your most recent reply and the one before it. Do you see the hypocrisy in your post? Do you see that you have provided no evidence to counter the claims I have made? My claims are from the word of Discovery and Bear himself, based on past claims of the show, and current ‘disclaimers’ that declare the complete opposite of those previous lies.

    No. You do not win.

  49. ok Raziaar you are like so totally pissing me off. It’s like you get so wrapped up in fighting with someone online that you repeat the same things over and over and over and it just pisses other people off. I don’t think this is about bear grylls anymore…I think Raziaar just hates me…even though he has no idea who the fuck I am. For all you kno i could be your mom

  50. I’m not wrapped up with fighting anybody. The world doesn’t revolve around you. My first and only response to you that was made in these blog comments that wasn’t in the form of a response because you directed something at me, was in my first post.

    You think too highly of yourself if you think I’m focused on you. You’re just one of the faceless many that have been making feeble minded insults directed at me because I happen to believe Bear Grylls is a fraud when it comes to Man VS Wild. I merely intend to respond to that which is directed at me.

    Please, if you cannot provide any logical reasonings as to why Bear Grylls doesn’t deserve the criticism he has garnered because of Discovery Channel’s and his claims, don’t post at all. You only end up looking ridiculous. And don’t flatter yourself to think I retain enough feelings for you that I could possibly hate you. I don’t even know you.

    Carry on.

  51. oh my goodness…ok bear grylls has totally earned the respect of all of his viewers. Have you ever watched his show? do you realize that he is actually eating that shit? i mean c’mon just because bear has a crew watchin his back just in case he’s in danger doesn’t mean he’s a fraud, it means he’s smart. Bear Grylls has a family to think of and he cannot simply go out and risk his life everyday for your entertainment. so yeah, i don’t mind that bear has a few friends behind the scenes, but i still love his show and nothing you, or anyone else says will change that.

  52. Okay. I respect your feelings on the matter. At least you made an argument for your cause.

    I too once used to like Bear Grylls and Man VS Wild. I was drawn in by the excitement, the thrill of it all, especially since Bear would always narrate that he was completely isolated and only his camera crew followed him. He explicitly said that he didn’t have help from the crew that followed him at all, and I believed him. I expected, just as it was indicated, that he was out there in these environments roughing it up.

    However, that illusion and those things he claimed all came crashing down when I heard all the stories and then Discovery and Bear himself said that he indeed had help and occasionally spent time out of the environment to lodge in a cushy room and have delicious hot meals for the night. Also that things he said he was doing himself were done by other people, and indicated as such later by discovery and Bear’s voice over narration.

    The thrill and excitement of the show basically collapsed for me in light of these accusations and confirmations. It lost all the thrill and entertainment value for me, since everything was so contrived and fake, like that time I saw him eating meat of an animal, but in fact it turned out to be steak in an animal skin that he was eating.

    I could no longer find any worth in the show for me to watch, as all the reasons I was watching for turned out to be a big lie and it just didn’t become enjoyable anymore. It became a disappointment, and I started to change the channel every time it came on.

  53. ok, I’m gonna get a name in here other than Brooke and Raziaar…
    well…I do agree with the fact that bear grylls can’t just go out and risk his life for our enjoyment. Because, it seems like the people who are the most upset about this are dwelling on the fact that Bear Grylls is not in as much danger as they had previously thought. It’s like their thinking “DANG! now there’s no chance that he could DIE out there…hmmm…not entertaining enough so he’s definelty a fake.” I don’t understand your line of reasoning at all.

  54. well i don’t know how we’re gonna solve this cuz i love bear and you hate him…its really sad that you say that you used to watch his show cuz i guess that you weren’t a devoted fan…but thats ok cuz i’m standin behind bear 100%

  55. Just because I don’t like his show, doesn’t mean I hate him. Sheesh. Not everything is black and white.

  56. well your making seem like its all black and white…your good and I’m bad…

  57. […] stupid, belligerent, or ill-informed. Just look at the plethora of comments on the Tom Brady and Bear Grylls posts. I take care of my four […]

  58. Bear is great. His message of survival should be the reason why we watch as it is the factor that will help you and I in da future.Lying is part of show business, it does not mean that it is right but it does not make him fake. The value of the show is not entirely entertainment although it is a major factor but the lesson is the cream.
    In that light I will stick with Bear. Gud luck to the rest of you

  59. Who the fuck said Man vs Wild was a reality show? You dipshits, it’s just the most awesome guy ever demonstrating some survival techniques. They never claimed otherwise :S Don’t blame Bear because you were too stupid to grasp the concept x_X

  60. Bear Grylls is the Man!!!!!!!!

  61. I would like to meet Bear Grills in future.





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  103. Sorry to all Bear Grylls fans, but I’m afraid if you wish to see proof there are multiple videos where someone said that Bear Grylls wasn’t recording it he was next door, he shot a survival tip near a highway and he also walked across lava which turned out to be fake. the proof is in the pudding, not literally, I ate the pudding.

  104. If you’ve ever thought Bear grylls did everything himself, you’re gonna have a bad time. I knew exactly what it was and still admire him. Yes he gets help but to me he’s still bad ass. Gotta check out that survivorman though.

  105. APos

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