NeoGAF is the Center of the Gaming Universe

This is a private message that was sent to a NeoGAF member by Jeff Bell, the Microsoft Corporate VP of Global Marketing. This guy took time out of his day to send this to some random guy on the internet who has been poking fun at him over the course of E3.

You may be asking how we could possibly know it’s really him. First off, the name – bell801. Of course, it could be some random person just trying to funny. But then some GAF detective found this YouTube interview, where Bell says his XBL gamertag is BigDaddy801. Still not concrete proof.

The megaton came when one of the oldest mods, the guy who runs Gaming-Age (the original parent site), posted confirmation, after another mod had just said something of the sort would never happen. So this Jeff Bell dude joined NeoGAF yesterday just to zing a guy. He hasn’t even posted yet.

Here’s the entire already legendary thread.

GAF has come a long way since I first joined. It’s changed servers a bunch of times, and even changed names now. The gaming side is almost impossible to keep up with or even tolerate nowadays, but it’s still worth it just for ridiculousness like this.

Update: 1up (basically a sister site to NeoGAF) has posted a news story. This is going to spread like wildfire across the internets.


~ by CajoleJuice on July 18, 2007.

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