Sony is Killing Itself

Last night I wrote a post about Nintendo killing gaming. This is the more baffling sequel.

SCEE president David Reeves has told that the 60GB Playstation 3 will no longer be available in the US after stock sells out – which he predicts will occur by the end of the month.


This is madness. (Madness? THIS. IS. SONY!!!) But really, if the new 80GB model doesn’t drop in price to replace the now $499 60GB PS3, then we just witnessed the shortest price drop in console history – even though the 60GB PS3 will NOT sell out by the end of July. There’s still nobody buying them, considering they’re still half a thousand dollars. Sony just took what little momentum they got from the E3 conference and ran themselves straight into a brick wall. What the fuck are the people at Sony smoking? Sure, the new “limited edition” 80GB model coming in August will have Motorstorm packed in, but it will also be $599. I can’t believe they won’t drop the price when the 60GB SKUs are gone. They HAVE to drop it, right? Right? They’ll almost definitely kick Motorstorm out and sell the 80GB barebones, though.

On the other hand, Microsoft still hasn’t announced any sort of price drop or SKU adjustments for the Xbox 360 and it’s been out for almost 2 years. All they’ve done is add another more expensive SKU, the “Elite” package. But MS can at least sit back and laugh its ass off at the trainwreck that is Sony. Meanwhile, Nintendo just continues to kick the living shit out of both of them.

Goodbye, 60GB PS3, you will see your 20GB brother in a better place. One where Sony’s empire is not crumbling down.

Courtesy of AVcables from NeoGAF. My hero.


~ by CajoleJuice on July 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Sony is Killing Itself”

  1. post a transformers review already, I want to relive it unexpected awesomeness

  2. I’m working on a Transformers vs Live Free or Die Hard post. It will be glorious, with Megan Fox pictures included.

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