The Internet Has Made Me a Horrible Person

Desensitization is real. I am living proof. I’ve gotten to the point where I can laugh at anything that doesn’t involve me personally. And I don’t even frequent the Something Awful forums, which is infamous for being the most tasteless (but also the funniest) forum on the internet.

I’m sure you heard of the Chris Benoit tragedy that occurred a couple of days ago. The WWE had a 3-hour tribute to him before it was determined that he KILLED HIMSELF AND HIS WIFE AND KID. What a debacle. Well, before the truth was out, I was laughing on IRC for way too long. An example:

<avcables_AWMAHGAWD> Benoit climbs up to the second rope
<Nikashi> Can someone please just ban them or something
<CajoleJuice_DIEHARD> please stop…im fucking delusional
<avcables_AWMAHGAWD> ok im done
<avcables_AWMAHGAWD> wooo
<Nikashi> Jesus christ get help.
<SeraphicHeat> delusional lol
<avcables_AWMAHGAWD> whats this WHATS THIS

Really, the best part of it was that Nikashi guy flipping out.

And also courtesy of avcables:

A normal human being wouldn’t be able to laugh hysterically at a double-murder suicide (even though that wasn’t known for sure at the time), but apparently I’ve reached the point where I’m officially a heartless internet dweller. It just kept building; I saw everything being joked about and even as recently as last year, the jokes about Cory Lidle bothered me a bit, but now I laugh my ass off at this page.

I hate the fact that I’ve become such a despicable human being, but this shit is FUNNY. Until it happens to you of course. Oh well. I don’t have any pro wrestlers in my family. Maybe that’s why I find the whole situation amusing. Because pro wrestling is so fucking retarded.


~ by CajoleJuice on June 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Internet Has Made Me a Horrible Person”

  1. Die, shitdick.

  2. the internet is horrible

  3. Kill youself you worthless geasy goon

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