The Greatest DVD Deal Ever

Best Buy has a sale this week on ALL FOX TV DVD sets. It’s a bit confusing, as some shows that air on Fox aren’t distributed on DVD by Fox (like House) and it seems The Shield is the one FX show that is. But if you go to Best Buy, there’s just a whole section entitled “FOX ON DVD” and all those sets are $19.99. The list of shows (going by the Best Buy flyer) is:

The Shield
The Simpsons
Arrested Development
Prison Break
Family Guy
King of the Hill
That 70’s Show
The X-Files

I don’t think that’s the complete list though. The more amazing part of this deal is a coupon that I found through GAF, through another forum.

Print out that coupon and each Fox DVD set is 10 bucks. 10 dollars. That’s insane. I tried it out, it works. As a result, I’ve gotten the first four seasons of The Shield for $60. (I went to the two Best Buys near me and bought two sets at each. I’m might get the 5th later today for a grand total of 5 seasons for $70.) I already have the first three seasons of 24 – pretty much the only good ones. I also have all three season of Arrested Development. I think I might buy a Simpsons set each day for 10 bucks over the course of the week, but they might sell out. I’m not sure what to do. I’m trying to save up, but 10 DOLLARS. I could sell them used and make money on each of the sets.


~ by CajoleJuice on June 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Greatest DVD Deal Ever”

  1. you gave up going to the gym to save money to buy dvd box sets?!

    on a good note, at least your reporting best buy deals again

  2. At least I’ll actually watch all the DVD sets I bought. And I can sell them and possibly end up with more money than when I started. Really, the deal is disgustingly good. But I went to Bay Shore to get Season 5 tonight, because when I went to the one in Patchogue, the cashier was a bitch and wouldn’t let me use the $10 coupon.

    You still owe me 35 bucks by the way. I can get 3 Simpsons sets with that.

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