Knocked Up: Possibly the Ultimate Date Movie

Too bad I didn’t have a date. I had two dudes sitting next to me.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie thoroughly because it’s the funniest movie I’ve seen since Judd Apatow’s last film, The 40 Year Old Virgin. But is it funnier than that masterpiece of sexual humor? I’m going to have to say no. At the same time, I’m going to say Knocked Up is the better film. The more heartfelt, serious stuff is strewn across the full length of the movie, instead of the way much of it was packed towards the end of The 40 Year Old Virgin. More of the situations and conversations just hit closer to home, considering the basis of the film isn’t quite as farcical as The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Seth Rogen (the guy on that poster) is the protagonist of the film and he plays a slight variation of his stoner/slacker character from The 40 Year Old Virgin. How he hooks up with a gorgeous chick like Katherine Heigl is left to the amazing power of alcohol. Paul Rudd pulls off an awesome supporting performance – like he always does – as a secretly miserable husband. And even Katherine Heigl’s sister, played by the drunk driving chick (also Judd Apatow’s wife) from The 40 Year Old Virgin, has her moments. Pretty much the whole cast does a great job. I’ve mentioned The 40 Year Old Virgin way too much in this review, but it’s all the same goddamn people and the same type of movie, I can’t help it. The similarities and comparisons are too easy to make.

But like I said before, this is a perfect date movie. There’s some gross-out moments, a ton of shockingly funny lines, a multitude of pop-culture references, and a somewhat cliche, but realistic enough love story. If your date doesn’t enjoy it, dump her (or him – although I can’t imagine this scenario). There are some really nice, touching moments shoved in this hilarious comedy, but it never allows the laughs to stop for too long. No doubt the best movie I’ve seen this year thus far.



~ by CajoleJuice on June 6, 2007.

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