I Need To Get My Traffic Back Up, And Sex Sells…

…so I’m going to make a post about Allison Stokke, who is now a certifiable internet phenomenon.

And you can see why.

Maybe I would feel creepy making a post like this about a high-schooler if I was older, but she’s 18 and consequently only three years younger than me. This means I can post that pic without a hint of shame.

Ms. Stokke was first brought to my attention by this post in the GAF OT MLB thread. Since then, the above picture has been posted upwards of 15 times in that thread and has spread to a couple of threads, each time leading to their complete, glorious derailment. The only bad part is that the pictures don’t get any better than the one posted above. It is perfection defined.

If you couldn’t tell, she’s a pole vaulter (yes, the jokes write themselves) and apparently a pretty good one, and she’s attending Cal in the fall. That’s for anybody out there that might be reading this who’s still deciding where to go to college.


~ by CajoleJuice on May 9, 2007.

7 Responses to “I Need To Get My Traffic Back Up, And Sex Sells…”

  1. she can vault my pole anyday

    how tall is she

  2. 5’6″

    Perfect for me at least.

  3. wefalkjihuwe8of9uio’l

  4. also, are you fucking serious

  5. Serious about what? Her height? Her hotness? :drool

    Anyhow, it seems this boosted traffic somehow. Fucking 400 hits today altogether. haha

  6. she is hot. perfect body, hot face, could use some bigger tits though.

  7. no that would ruin the balance of the greatness that is her, its better this way

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