It Sucks To Be Right

I can’t believe this shit. Not only was the college basketball title game a repeat of the college football title game, but Florida won again. This NCAA Tournament sucked. You can count the amount of huge upsets on one hand, and even the two big upsets in the first round were the ones that everybody expected. There was one day with a bunch of great overtime games. That’s about it. I’m pretty pissed I bought into the hype for the Georgetown-Ohio State matchup, as Oden and Hibbert were on the floor at the same time for about 28 seconds.

Florida just ran over everyone. They’re an example of a championship team that wasn’t actually torn apart by the NBA draft for once, and as a result they made a joke out of this tournament and repeated as champions. They didn’t have to play one game down to the wire. Horrible. It’ll be hilarious if Billy Donovan leaves after winning two straight championships.

Greg Oden can’t be too sad right now, as he’s still going to be the #1 pick, especially since he finally had a great game tonight. He really was unimpressive this whole tournament, and even though I didn’t get to watch the first half of tonight’s game, he looked better than any other time I’ve watched him, and his final stats were pretty good since he (shock!) didn’t get into foul trouble.

But really, thank God baseball has started.


~ by CajoleJuice on April 2, 2007.

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