Opening Night Is A Success

The Mets just finished outplaying the Cardinals in every possible way. Glavine outpitched Carpenter, Lo Duca and Delgado contributed a couple of clutch hits, and the infield displayed some great glove work. The only mistake was Reyes getting caught by the ol’ “fake to third, pickoff to first” move, which Joe Morgan thinks is a balk anyway. Ok Joe, even though it’s been a part of baseball forever, according to the rule book it should be a balk. His point was completely incoherent anyway. God, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan have to be the worst broadcasting team in the history of baseball. The fact that they’ve been together for 18 years is embarrassing. But I guess national announcers always seem inferior to local ones. No one can beat the misogynistic Keith Hernandez though. I’m Keith Hernandez.

But to get back to the 6-1 victory by the Mets, I can’t overstate how good they looked. Beltran threw out David “The Shortest World Series MVP Ever” Eckstein at the plate on the fly, Jose Valentin made an awesome diving stop to start a inning-ending double play that saved at least two runs, and Glavine really pitched like the ace of a staff. So all in all, it was a good prelude to the true Opening Day tomorrow. It will be fun to see if Carl Pavano can get through a major league baseball game without getting hurt.


~ by CajoleJuice on April 1, 2007.

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