Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character News

Goodbye, old friends.

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Sakurai [director of SSBB] announced Bowser Jr., the “Celda” version of Link, and Ridley, the archenemy of Samus, would all be joining the cast of characters for the Wii release.

We’ve also, unfortunately, learned of three current characters that will not be returning: The Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, and Young Link have no home in SSBB. We don’t know who exactly will take their place just yet, but Sakurai stated he wants a roster 40 deep, with 1-2 more non-Nintendo characters.

I can’t say I like this news too much. I don’t mind Young Link being switched for Wind Waker Link, but Ice Climbers and Mr. Game and Watch being taken out is garbage. I’m not a big fan of Ice Climbers or even Mr. Game and Watch, but they were arguably the two most unique characters in SSBM, and I know a few friends of mine were big supporters of Mr. GnW. And Bowser Jr? That’s awful. Ridley is the one addition I’m somewhat interested in, but I can see some Metroid fans being somewhat upset about it, considering he’s going to get nerfed to be balanced within this game. One of my friends already reacted pretty harshly to the news.

Of course, we will see how all these characters fit together, but right now I’m not very impressed nor excited by this news. There needs to be Sonic, or Simon Belmont, or Viewtiful Joe – just to name a few.


~ by CajoleJuice on March 5, 2007.

24 Responses to “Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character News”

  1. rayman is definetly in it, they just havent released it yet. i know someone hus workin in the inner sanctum of smash bros brawl development

  2. I’m guessing “anon” is short for anonymous, which means you don’t want a name attached to that rumor. Stop making shit up.

  3. Although Ice climbers and mr game and watch werent mentioned as confirmed, theres no news of them being cut this is fake.
    Dont beleive everything you see unless its on

  4. i second tht, dont believe what ppl say wait for the facts, anyone remeber the tails and sonic cheat on ssbm heh! me being a sonic mega fan was quite upset wen i found out he wernt on it, oh well l8a ppls lol

  5. I want bowser jr. to be in it. Come on, he’s a nintendo character!!!!! Besides, he’s bowsers loo-alike. =D

  6. well just to let u know this is not fake, ice climbers are more than likely gonna be replaced by a sonic/tails combo, and game&watch will be replaced by rayman. windwaker link and young link both have the same moves, and about ridley, he’s gonna be in, but moves have not been decided. also birdo, bowser jr. and the white dog from animan crossing will be in it

  7. Just so you know…the article posted is fake concerning their cut, and I have proof. Check and read the latest update.

  8. Cool. They might have been cut and added back in, though.


  10. Wow. Do people not look at the date when this was posted?

  11. Oh man if Ridley and Sonic are in this Im gonna have to brawl to see who’s my main X_X

  12. Oh man, if Ridley actually IS in this, I will be having a brawl with myself to see who’s my Main, Sonic or Ridley X_X

  13. Guess who’s getting cut: Ness!

    Check the site, he’s being replaced by Lucas!

  14. sheesh, this rumor is fake. ice climbers has been comfirmed. too bad for bowser jr. though. i thought it would be fun to have him… and u ppl dont have to say, ‘bowser jr. a piece of crap’ because this is fake. HAPPY NOW?

  15. It’s funny seeing people react to a 7-month-old blog post.

  16. Sonic will rock his moves are homing attack, spin charge, spin dash, and he jumps on a spring for his up special

  17. Sonic is way too fast. Watch some people play as him on youtube. G&W wont be replaced, if you look at the picture number things on the site, there is a Melee spot still open for him. for proof. Even if Ridley is in, he will be slow, like Bowser. And Bowser Jr. will be crap as he’ll be too weak and as fast as Mario. Meta Knight and Samus rule!. Dark-Samus for Brawl!

  18. I am such an egg!

  19. Diddy Kong can eat peanuts to regain health. Zam Zoggy!

  20. Well, good thing Sonic ended up in the game then. 🙂

  21. this is the gayest website ever i mean come on ridley?

  22. Hi

  23. why cant all the legndary pokemon be in it

  24. bowser jr, king boo, darkrai, king k rool, spyro and crash bandicoot will probably be in the next smash bros game. im not saying they will be.

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