Halo 3 Leaked Alpha Screens: Underwhelming

I just played some Halo 2 last night with my friend. I feel like I’m looking at it when I look at these screens.

The sense of scale seems to there in a few screens, but the only screen that looks impressive at all is the fifth. Maybe Bungie is going the complete opposite route as Sony did with their bullshit Killzone 2 video. Don’t blow their load too early and then wow the gamers with the final game. On the other hand, the beta had better look more impressive than this, or else people might start doubting Halo 3 a bit. For sure, there’s a ton of gamers out there just waiting for this game to come out so they have a definite reason to buy a Xbox 360, but there’s definitely a decent amount out there that are skeptical after Halo 2.

Bottom line: I just hope this isn’t at all indicative of the final build of the game.


~ by CajoleJuice on February 10, 2007.

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