Boston Is Inhabited By Morons

There was a terror scare in the city of Boston today. Apparently, there were bombs left all over the city. Concerned citizens notified police of the threat.

The reports forced the temporary shutdowns of Interstate 93 out of the city, a key inbound roadway, a bridge between Boston and Cambridge, and a portion of the Charles River but were quickly determined not to be explosive.

What exactly were these threats?

That’s a Lite-Brite version of a character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the popular Adult Swim cartoon. And yes, it’s giving the finger. This is what was thought to be a terrorist bomb. These have been placed in cities across the U.S. by the advertising company Interference, Inc. as a marketing campaign for the show, but not until now did some person report one of them as suspicious. I think it actually might have been a few paranoid idiots.

Boston: City of Retards Confirmed.

Edit: This might be the funniest image I’ve ever seen:


~ by CajoleJuice on January 31, 2007.

5 Responses to “Boston Is Inhabited By Morons”

  1. They are retards indeed. So is the media for being so clever to broadcast choke points and problems casued by theplacement of these “devices”.

  2. Yea, the whole debacle is just embarrassing. Now I’m hearing that the police only added to the paranoia by responding to the first report by just blowing up the “device” with water, since it had fallen and they couldn’t see the character. Afterwards, more people starting calling in. It’s just sad.

  3. ahahahahahah that thing is from Aqua Teen Hunger Force !@!@!@ LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL owned

  4. Hilarious. The terrorists don’t even have to lift a finger…

  5. the mooninites are much more advanced than us

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