I Can’t Get Enough of Jack Bauer

I really thought I might have to ween off 24 this year. Last season was better than season 4, but nothing has really come close to the first two seasons. Fortunately, season 6 has been absolutely incredible so far. Sure, the writers seem to reaching more and more, but when you have a nuclear bomb going off in a populated area, Jack Bauer dracula’ing some guy, killing one of the only friends he has left, and then putting a plastic bag over his brother’s head, you have amazing television. Not to mention that who Jack’s brother is – the Bluetooth guy, Grey Bauer – was fucking mindblowing. I laugh at anyone who watched Heroes over 24 tonight.

Just this one line from tonight was phenomenal:

“If the next thing out of your mouth isn’t what I wanna hear, I’m going to hurt you.”
“Actually, you’re hurting me now.”
“Trust me, I’m not.”

Not to mention when Jack just sucker-punched Grey right in the face.

I really forgot just how exciting 24 is. Thank you, Jack Bauer.


~ by CajoleJuice on January 22, 2007.

9 Responses to “I Can’t Get Enough of Jack Bauer”

  1. Never thought they could out-do a nuke in hour 4, but with the simple drama of familial ties, bygone, they’ve done it.

    Very entertaining analysis. Here are a few more entertaining things to consider about Jack Bauer: http://as-i-know-it.blogspot.com/2007/01/superman-wears-jack-bauer-pajamas.html

  2. sorry to hijack this… i had to log in a couple of times cause i’m getting tons of pms. but i didn’t read the board i swear. lol. how about you? still hanging in there?

  3. I have to admit…I had to go on #ga last night for about half an hour to talk about 24. I couldn’t help it. It was too amazing. Once the conversation turned into a John McClane vs. Jack Bauer debate, I got out of there.

  4. that’s ok. i mean, it’s not a message board, right? is THIS a message board? are we message boarding? anyway, i was thinking of logging into eb today to post my pic… cause i took it yesterday. do you think that’s very bad? should i not do it? i kinda wanna do it

  5. Nah, this is like e-mailing or something. Plus, you’re giving my blog traffic. And your pic can wait. Mainly because I won’t be able to see it. [insert eb smiley here]

  6. too late 😦

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