Michelle Wie is the Biggest Joke in Sports

That would be Michelle Wie on the verge of hitting another shot into the trees.

She just missed her seventh PGA Tour cut by 14 strokes, and her fourth consecutive cut at the Sony Open, at her home course. But hey, at least she didn’t get last like the last two PGA Tour events in which she played last year; she only got 3rd to last – she’s improving! For a 17-year-old girl she’s pretty damn good at golf. But she’s still a 17-year-old girl. Whoever keeps sponsoring these embarrassments really needs to stop wasting their money. The PGA can’t be too happy with it. The players certainly aren’t. I was really hoping Wie made a New Year’s Resolution not to make a fool out of herself anymore, but I guess she decided to push on in her quest for mediocrity in a place that she doesn’t belong.

Michelle Wie needs to learn how to win. She needs to play on the LPGA Tour and make some cuts there, or (shock!) maybe even win a few tournaments before she considers hitting from the men’s tees. Annika Sorenstam dominated the LPGA for years and then played a PGA tournament. You know what happened? She missed the cut. If the best LPGA player missed the cut in an PGA event, then some 17-year-old who hasn’t won jack shit other than events when she was very young shouldn’t be allowed within 1000 feet of a PGA Tour event.

I’ve had this opinion for a long time now, but I never had a blog to voice my discontent. Plus, I thought she might give up this charade after a while. I just don’t understand why any company would give this girl money to play golf worse than my 70-year-old great-uncle.

The funniest part about all this is that while everyone was watching Wie repeatedly slice balls into the crowd these past couple of days, another teenager was actually playing well. A 16-year-old by the name of Tadd Fujikawa managed to shoot a 4-under-par 66 on Friday to make the cut by 3 strokes. That’s just awesome. He’s the youngest player to make a cut in a PGA Tour event in 50 years. Good for him.

Source – ESPN.com


~ by CajoleJuice on January 13, 2007.

6 Responses to “Michelle Wie is the Biggest Joke in Sports”

  1. I’m a woman, a feminist and am totally against this Wie sideshow that seems to go on endlessly. She’s not good enough to play with the men, but sponsors keep pushing her into these tournaments because she’s young and cute and people follow her around.
    Wie insults the LPGA constantly. You’re right, she should be paying her dues, winning smaller tournaments, playing the LPGA and take it from there — maybe.
    Less attractive women golfers are ignored in favor of this erratic kid. Blame a male-dominated media, the same guys who elevated Anna Kournikova to fame based on a very mediocre tennis record.

  2. Come now let’s be more specific,A $20,000,000 joke

  3. Golfer girl, I definitely agree with your points. For some reason, your comment was marked as spam, sorry about that. I wish I knew how to turn off that option.

  4. Michelle just quit the US Open; way over par and blaming her wrist again.
    What a tired excuse for not having the game to go tee to cup!

    Try earning your way into womens proffesional golf.

    S. Hockin

  5. Exactly!

  6. yeah no one likes when women reach beyond where they should be! make me just mad to see little girls run around like athletes

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