The PS2 and DS are Unstoppable

December Hardware Sales (month and LTD)
Nintendo DS     1.6 mm     9.2 mm
PS2                 1.4 mm     37.1 mm
Xbox 360         1.1 mm     4.5 mm
PSP                 953.2 K     6.7 mm
GBA                 850.7 K     35.1 mm
Wii                 604.2 K     1.1 mm
PS3                 490.7 K     687.3 K

Courtesy of the NPD, via NeoGAF, via SonyCowboy.

I’m actually most amazed by the sales for the GBA. Obviously, Americans strongly take price into account when they buy gaming hardware. Over in Japan, the GBA is completely dead, but over here it’s been selling pretty much neck and neck with the PSP for a while. In addition, the PS2 is just a monster. It’s over 6 years old and it’s outselling every new home console. And Sony hasn’t even hit the magical $99 price point yet. The Nintendo DS Lite is even more out of the control. Not only is it selling like hot cakes the battle over here in America, but it’s just dominating everything in Japan. Meanwhile, in the battle of the next-gen consoles (a.k.a. battle for second place) the Xbox 360 really destroyed the competition. Maybe it’s due to some Wii and PS3 shortages, but the 360 is really hitting its stride. It’s pretty impressive for a $400 console to sell that much. I feel the imminent price drop will help boost sales significantly next year. And then Halo 3 will hit. 2007 should be interesting.


~ by CajoleJuice on January 11, 2007.

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