Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in Pre-Production

Goddamn it.


At the same time Disney World management was taking a pass on another Pirates update, WDI has been putting the finishing touches on the plans for the massive new Pirates of the Caribbean ride planned for Hong Kong Disneyland, and some nifty new effects and additions have recently been worked up. Since the fourth movie in the series is already in pre-production, there are tentatively more plot references and sight gags that could also end up in the rides. With all of those pieces falling into place, it was decided Disneyland would instead focus its energy and resources on getting the new Pirates Lair at Tom Sawyer Island open in time for the third movie premiere, and they’ll be pouring over 14 Million dollars into that island project in 2007.

And so Disneyland will also forego adding that Keira Knightley animatronic that Studios chief Dick Cook mentioned on the red carpet at last summer’s movie premiere. That movie premiere hasn’t formally been penciled in for Disneyland, but the plan to launch the West Coast version of Disney Cruise Line has been bumped up to later this month and the cancellation of Fantasmic! only makes it easier to host the premiere for the third time at Disneyland. Assuming the third movie isn’t a flop, and does at least 500 Million in global box office sales, the fourth movie will go into production and may be timed for an opening around 2010 when the Hong Kong version of the ride opens.

I feel bad for kids growing up now. This franchise is supposed to be their Indiana Jones…


~ by CajoleJuice on January 11, 2007.

One Response to “Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in Pre-Production”

  1. The first Pirates of the Caribbean was great in every way, the best part of the other two was the special effects… the question now is, if they come out with a fourth, will it maintain the quality of the first?

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