How About That Matsuzaka?

Scott Boras really fucks everything up. In this case though, I’ll allow it, as it might result in the Red Sox getting dicked over. There’s still a few days left until Boston collectively flips a shit, but right now all reports are saying that negotiations between Matsuzaka and the Sawx are not too peachy. The Red Sox are trying to low-ball the Japanese pitcher even after they bid $50 million just to get the rights to potentially sign him. I figure they don’t want to get into a bidding war with themselves like the Giants did with Bonds, but Matsuzaka can go to Japan and come back later and take that $50 million for himself. It all rides on his willingness to disappoint his entire nation like that.

The Red Sox are sitting at around $8 million a year at last I heard, while Boras was asking for double that at around $15 million. I wish I could say I disagree with Boras, but Gil Meche just got 5 years, $55 million from the Royals. If they can cough up that amount of cash, surely the Red Sox can go up a bit more for Matsuzaka. Not to mention some of the other ridiculous signings the Red Sox have already accomplished this offseason. I mean, J.D. Drew is worth $14 million a year? That’ll probably add up to $500,000 a game. Boras could also pull some other sneaky stuff if this deal falls through.

Nevertheless, even with all these factors, I see a deal being made by Thursday – just like everyone else is saying. The Red Sox need this deal. Matsuzaka needs this deal. It’ll get done, unfortunately.


~ by CajoleJuice on December 12, 2006.

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